Why join Western States Pharmacy Coalition

Lower cost of goods with a price file special to WSPC

By negotiating collectively, we can secure much better rates than if we were each going it alone. Improve your profitability with a special price file as a WSPC member.

Our renewable contract

We make sure you get great deals from AmerisourceBergen year after year by renegotiating our contract as needed to insure market competitiveness. Learn more about our partnership with AmerisourceBergen.

Money to the members

We maximize member profits by ensuring our administrative expenses are minimal.

No membership fees

Keep all the savings you enjoy as a member. We don’t charge dues.

Premium vendors

We contract with a network of premium vendors, who offer rebates in return for our business. Members may log in to see available supplier benefits online.

Sliding rebates

The more you buy, the larger your check. We give members rebates based on compliant participation.

Good Neighbor product guarantee

As a WSPC Member all Good Neighbor Pharmacy® label products are 100% quality guaranteed by WSPC.

Network with the best

At WSPC, our members are the leading Good Neighbor Pharmacy® pharmacies in the western United States.

Buying power

Together, we have the power to contract more effectively for all the products and services you need, as well as with pharmacy benefit managers.

Meeting of the Executive Board, Group Leaders, and Team Members

Experienced leadership

Our board members are seasoned leaders at negotiating contracts for independent pharmacies, and many of our board members have direct experience as current or former pharmacy owners.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy® benefits

All Western States Pharmacy Coalition members are part of the best independent pharmacy network in our industry: the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Provider Network®, a program of AmerisourceBergen. Enjoy GNP benefits including:

Managed care

Improve your profitability and avoid the administrative hassles with the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Provider Network®, Elevate, one of the largest managed care negotiating cooperatives for independent pharmacies in the U.S.

Business coaching

We’ll help you diagnose your pharmacy’s operational and financial health, by reviewing how you handle processes like inventory management, third-party claims collection, and pricing. Then, we’ll make recommendations, implement the solutions, and track your improvements.

Laguna Drug


Good Neighbor Pharmacy® stores sell 52 percent more high-margin, over-the-counter items than non-GNP stores. We’ll make sure you have the right mix of products in the right places based on consumer product behavior, market research and trends, and regional sales data.


We provide you with the critical marketing collateral to help you attract customers to high-margin items. Get in-store circulars, point-of-purchase kits, national advertising, community newsletter circulars, and ad templates you can customize.

Plus, with our enhanced Good Neighbor Pharmacy® Online, you can provide your customers with the personalized health information, special promotions and incentives, and wellness tools customers have come to expect from online pharmacy websites.