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Decision Automation for Pharmacies—Technology Empowering Humanity

The patient population is increasing, but the number of primary care physicians is not keeping pace. Studies predict a shortage of up to 121,300 physicians by 2030. To address this shortfall, some states are empowering pharmacists to take on more primary care activities. For example, Idaho has empowered pharmacists to prescribe for a range of… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Cayucos Pharmacy

Member Spotlight: Cayucos Pharmacy

Cayucos Pharmacy: Cayucos, CA Owners: Greg Flores, PharmD, ABAAHP, and Angela Flores Greg and Angela Flores purchased Cayucos Pharmacy & Gifts, located on the Central Coast, in January 2016 and have since expanded their services to include personalized medicine. They provide specialized services as well as a unique gift shopping experience. According to Greg and… Read more »

Compounding: Are You There Yet?

by Eugene Medley, PharmD, MS; Owner, Sea View Pharmacy; Regional Leader, WSPC We have all heard it before: “Compounding can help recover lost revenue from decreased reimbursement from the monopolistic terrorists.” Yet what does it take to really perform and get into that revenue stream? Hopefully the information provided here will help you increase efficiencies,… Read more »

Boosted Social Media

Building Relationships with Boosted Social Media Posts

It’s about being social. It’s about connecting with people. It’s about building a relationship. Sharing fun events and local causes engages customers, breaks down barriers, and helps them feel more comfortable when it comes to asking important questions. “As we saw what was going on with TV, we knew we needed to get a different… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Safesave Pharmacy

Safesave Pharmacy: Yuba City, CA Owners: Hieng Tang, PharmD, and Kimse Tang, Tech Established in 1961, Safesave is the oldest locally owned pharmacy in the Yuba-Sutter Area, providing fast and courteous prescription service. A business associate recommended WSPC to Hieng and after reviewing the value offered by our cooperative, he joined as an active member…. Read more »

Michael Varma

Welcome New WSPC Team Member

Michael Varma Data Scientist, Business Insights and Analytics Michael is our resident WSPC Data Scientist (and self-proclaimed numbers nerd) who brings a wealth of business insights, analytics experience, and expert presentation skills to deliver clear and concise strategic initiatives to increase profits. He is adept at solving complex problems by identifying simple solutions that leverage remarkable… Read more »

Brian Nightengale, President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Q&A with Brian Nightengale, President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

By John Bruce, PharmD, CEO WSPC and Brian Nightengale, RPh, PhD, President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy At ThoughtSpot 2018, you announced the redesign of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy program structure. Why were these changes made? Last year, we conducted in-depth market research with pharmacists and patients from across the country to gain insight into how the marketplace… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Medicine Man Athol

Member Spotlight: Medicine Man Athol

Medicine Man Athol: Athol, ID Owner: Barry Feely, RPh Barry has added a fourth Medicine Man Pharmacy to our WSPC roster, and this one is located in a grocery store in the small town of Athol, Idaho. People come to Athol from all over to enjoy Farragut State Park, Lake Pend Oreille, and Silverwood Theme… Read more »

NCPA Advocacy Efforts

Think the NCPA’s Advocacy Efforts Don’t Affect You? Think Again…

Getting results from Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures, and the courts takes strategy and patience. Throughout that process, it’s critical for you to be informed and engaged. These select examples help illustrate the benefits of National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) advocacy efforts; in the past year alone, NCPA has: Coordinated 153 industry stakeholders to sign… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Dorado Pharmacy

Member Spotlight: Dorado Pharmacy

Dorado Pharmacy: Odessa, TX Owner: Vastel Patel, PharmD Dorado Pharmacy provides quality medications as well as courteous and personalized service from pharmacists and technicians who have attended formalized training in the special art of compounding. Catering to customers’ requests for quick and convenient service, Dorado Pharmacy has focused on online refills, compounding, and free delivery… Read more »